As a conservative Republican, Mike Schofieldis a worthy candidate for state representative, District 132. As policy advisor to Governor Perry since 2003, Mike has seen firsthand that we must have legislators who will put the needs of taxpayers first and who place principle above political gain. He has been endorsed by Texas Right to Life, Conservative Republicans of Texas, Texas Conservative Review, and many other organizations dedicated to protecting the rights of all American citizens.

Texas Home School Coalition Association President Tim Lambert announced the Association’s support of Mike Schofield for state representative by saying, “Mike Schofield has the experience needed to ensure that our rights as American citizens are protected. He stands for cost-effective education, border control, and parental rights. Because he has shown his ability to fulfill the role of state representative, the Texas Home School Coalition Association is proud to endorse Mike Schofield for state representative for House District 132.”

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Director of Public Policy
Texas Home School Coalition