Controlling our border. Every country must protect its borders to ensure the safety of its citizens. Our state government needs to push the federal government to stop illegal immigration and to ensure that the people who enter our country do so legally.

Cutting government spending. The current $197 billion state budget spends more than enough of our hard-earned money. The legislature must spend less of your money. Before any new spending is considered, the legislature must make the tough choices to cut spending in other programs.

Reducing Texans’ tax burden. You work hard for your money and the government shouldn’t take any more of it than is absolutely necessary. Not only will Mike Schofield not support tax increases, but also he will lead the fight to cut your taxes wherever possible.

Providing for cost effective education. For our children to benefit fully from our spending on education, more of those dollars need to be kept in the classroom. Schools must be held accountable for the tax money they spend, and must be given the flexibility to meet our state’s educational goals in a way that best fits their students’ needs.

Helping to create jobs, then getting out of the way. Texas government should help create jobs and economic growth by avoiding excessive regulation to provide the infrastructure that business needs to thrive and expand. We need a regulatory climate that is fair and predictable, and we must continue to work to reduce unnecessary lawsuits. Then, government should get out of the way and let Texas small business continue to lead in job creation and growth.